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Inspiring You To Help Others

I belong to a special group at my church and every weekend we run a soup kitchen for people who are hungry or homeless in the area. I know that our work is appreciated because I can see it in the faces of the people who come to eat every weekend. Helping to feed adults and children who don't have any food is a way that our group can help the people in our community. Hello, my name is Christy Huber and I'm writing this blog to educate others about getting involved in their community to help others. If you can volunteer your time just one day a week, you can make a huge difference in many lives. I hope that my blog inspires you to lend a hand to the people around you who need a little help now and then.

How to Create Your Own Home Christian Resource Library

Whether you want to grow in your faith or increase your knowledge of biblical theology, creating a Christian resource library in your home is a great way to have easy access to all the tools you need. It can also provide you with ministry opportunities when you open your home and share your resources with others on the journey of faith. You should plan on starting with some important basic items and add to your collection as you come across new resources later.

Study Bibles

Each family member should have their own Bible for daily reading and devotions. However, having a few good study Bibles available in your resource library will be useful for looking up difficult passages of scripture or when performing detailed Bible study lessons.

You should consider having several study Bibles in various translations. Have a least one that's a literal translation. Literal translations include the English Standard Version, New King James Version, and New American Standard Bible. You should also have a dynamic equivalence translation available. Some examples include New Living Translation, New International Version, and New Century Version.

Bible Commentaries

Stock your library with Bible commentaries from a wide variety of authors. Commentaries are good for helping you understand the meaning behind specific topics and passages of scripture. Reading commentaries from a variety of authors will give you helpful insight into how they interpret key points.

You may wish to choose commentaries for each book of the Bible to make locating specific passages of scripture easier. You can also find commentaries that contain the new and old testaments as a whole if you don't want to purchase individual books.

Children's Bible Storybooks

A good Bible resource library will meet the needs of every family member, whether young or old. Children's Bible storybooks make it easy for you to teach the great stories of the Bible to your children in a format they can grasp. Picture Bible storybooks should be included, as they provide a visual learning experience and will hold a small child's interest better than read-only versions.

Systematic Theology Books

For those who want to dig deep into the background and history of the Bible, good theology books are a must-have item for your resource library. These books teach an overview of the Bible including God's relationship to man, Bible history, and salvation in a subject-by-subject manner.

A Christian resource library will be a wonderful addition to your home. Contact services like BURNELL FOUNDATION for more help and assistance.